Adult TikTok, formerly TikTok 18+ APK

Hello, Welcome to the Official Website of Adult TikTok APK. Get the official version of Adult TikTok 18 APK i.e 1.4.3 for free and enjoy watching and sharing short-length adult videos. Download now using the provided link.

Version – 1.4.3 | Size – 30 MB

Web App Version – 1.4.3 | TikTok 18 Patch

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Adult TikTok

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About Adult TikTok APK

You are aware of TikTok which is the most popular entertainment apps for the present generation. Everyone enjoys watching and share videos of short length produced by content creators. There are no limits to the categories on TikTok and Onlytik. You can view the video for the category you like best.

After observing the growing popularity of the TikTok application, has decided to create a new application designed for adults and came up with an app titled Adult TikTok APK.

Adult TikTok is essentially an updated variant of the original TikTok application. Its user interface (UI) is the same as the official TikTok app, however it’s content (videos) that are available here are bold and designed for adults who are older than 18. This is the reason it’s called Adult TikTok: TikTok for adults..

What is Adult TikTok Mod APK?

Adult TikTok Mod APK is an altered version of the official TikTok 18 app designed specifically to address users who find ads to be interruptive when watching videos; here, these advertisements have been removed while also unlocking premium features in this modified version of the application.

So if you are interested in downloading and installing the modded version, follow this download link and choose from among the many versions offered in the download page. It is completely free for all users without any premium plan needed to watch or share videos, and SignUp process required in this modded version; so go ahead and install now on your android device!

Adult TikTok – TikTok for Adult Users

This app is the official Adult TikTok for users or adult users of Android OS devices, offering safe and secure video watching, downloading, sharing, and hosting capabilities for every Android user.

Adult TikTok 18 APK is the latest modification of TikTok available through team. If you enjoy using this application, show your gratitude by visiting and sharing our website with your friends.

One thing you should note that you must install this app from our official website only because many people promoting malware in the name of this app. So must download the app from our official source only.


Features of Adult TikTok

No SignUp is Required

Users who install this app do not require any registration process; simply download, install, and watch videos without signing in or signing up!

A wide Variety of Content

Adult TikTok app provides access to an expansive library of short-length video content created by millions of creators; plus you can follow your favorites.


Upload content

Are You Wanting to be a Content Creator on TikTok 18 App? If that is the case for you, upload your work onto this popular platform. People will respond positively if your skill as an artist matches up to audience needs and expectations.

Ads Free App

Everyone hates ads in apps and would rather get rid of them altogether – good news: this app contains no advertisements! Now you can enjoy watching your content without interruption by ads.

High Quality Video

At Adult TikTok app, quality videos in 4K and HD resolution will bring a refreshing experience for viewers.


Download Videos

If you wish to download any videos from Adult TikTok APK, this feature allows for it. Simply access your account and find an option in there that lets you save the videos that interest you!

Screen Recording

Adult TikTok Mod APK allows screen recording, something not permitted by its normal version but allowed in this modified one.

Bunch of Stickers, Beauty effects

Adult TikTok APK contains all of the basic and advanced video editing tools. With these tools you can edit and upload your videos, add beauty effects or stickers for download, discover more effects in Mod A Playlist version; this playlist option located at the top of your page allows you to play back different variations of videos simultaneously.

Become a Creator

Join millions of users and begin your journey now by becoming part of this community on Adult TikTok! content can be found all across TikTok; simply join Adult TikTok today and begin exploring its offerings.

Small Size Application

Adult TikTok app is compact in size and uses minimal memory on Android devices running versions 4.0 or later. Compatible with all these Android versions is Adult TikTok.

No VPN Required

Adult TikTok Mod APK does not require VPN connections in countries where it has yet to launch or is banned; you can access it directly without connecting via any third party VPN service provider.


Download And Install


Download the Adult TikTok from the given link in this article.


Install the application by clicking on Install Button.


Open the app and, start exploring adult content of short length on the Adult TikTok

Application Details

Name TikTok 18+ (Adult TikTok)
Size 30 MB
Version 1.4.3
Mod Info No Ads
Requirement 5.1+
Platform Android/ Web App

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Wondering If Adult TikTok APK Is Safe To Install?

Rest easy. Don’t be concerned about safety; this application is 100% secure without any malware presence – although, only official sources should download this version from.

Are there any age requirements to use this app?

Unfortunately, this app does have age requirements; to use it you must be 18 or over years old in most regions; although in certain places younger users (ages 15 and 16 years) can access its content with no issue.

Are Adult TikTok applications solely intended for adults?

No. These apps were created with adult users in mind, as well as teens nearing adulthood who are interested in watching explicit videos with sexual content – we strongly discourage children from accessing this platform, which is precisely why Adulkt TikTok exists!

How can I get Adult TikTok APK? is the sole authorized source to safely and securely provide this app on android devices, so make sure you bookmark this website and return often to keep updated!


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