iWantu is an application for entertainment that lets you watch gorgeous girls enjoy hot videos from America. United States for free. It is possible to download iwantu.app right here for no cost to APK and IOS

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All About iWantu

iWantu is an Livestream social networking app which lets users view explicit videos of attractive women and enjoy online entertainment. It was developed by a media firm within the United States. It has since expanded its reach to a variety of nations and has gained substantial recognition. For instance, in the United States, iWantu has been a popular entertainment application on the internet.

Based on the most recent details, iWantu enables users to livestream and chat with gorgeous hot girls, with sensual and sexually explicit videos. Simply by downloading the app and signing up to join members of the group, people are able to engage with their hearts’ content every day. We have also added a variety of exciting features that are sure to deliver users with an amazing experience.

Information about iWantu

App Name: iWantu
Installs: 11500.000+
Size: 66 Mb
Category: Live, Chat, Nude, Adult Tiktok
Age: 18+
Version: 1.19.1
Operating system: APK, IOS, PC, Laptop
Developers: iwantu.adulttiktok.org
Email: [email protected]
Address: 2733 Pike Street, San Diego, California, United States

Important features of iWantu include:

The iWantu application is loaded with a variety of unique and exciting features. So, when you join to the iWantu community, you will discover something fresh and thrilling that other apps can’t provide. In particular, the primary advantages of the app can be described as follows:

Engage With Hot Girls:

With the iWantu application that is integrated on the device you use, users will be able to chat with beautiful stunning and beautiful Hot girls. The girls’ community on iWantu is vast and varied and allows you to select whom you’d like to connect as well as chat. As users, you can simply log into the app to enjoy beautiful women and enjoy.

Additionally, you can enjoy amusing interactions with these girls all day, every single hour. If you want, you may send a message or donate to get the gorgeous Hot ladies to perform whatever you want to do. By joining the iWantu application for livestreaming as well as chatting and admiring gorgeous girls will definitely never disappoint you.

Livestream to connect with friends:

The iWantu application not only lets you to look at beautiful girls or chat and interact with beautiful Hot girls As a user on the application, you are able to also plan Livestream events that allow you to stay connected with your fellow mates. The app provides users with the perfect environment to socialize, chat with friends, making new ones, and even singing with friends from all over. In addition, the app provides various beautiful and cute filters to help you personalize your experience.

Play rewarding entertainment games:

The iWantu app has a huge selection of games that are entertaining. Simply by joining the community that is part of the app and playing these games to entertain yourself and get rewards.

The overall selection of games on the app is varied and original. There’s traditional games, but also different and new games. Additionally, each game within the app is aimed at offering high-end quality and stunning graphics. So, when you play games on iWantu you’ll be able to enjoy them in a realistic and engaging way. The chance of experiencing game lags or interruptions is nearly impossible.

Additionally, the rate of winning in games that are based on rewards the iWantu app has been reported to be up to 80percent. In addition the payout rate is likewise incredibly high. This app promises to provide players with a variety of chances to play exciting games and earn money on a every day within the application.

Additional features:

Additionally to this, the iWantu application is also integrated with a variety of other exciting features that are sure to please you in your journey. Examples include:

  • We update our website regularly with the latest trends and hottest fads. As a registered user of our app, you’ll get the latest and most well-known fashions.
  • Unlimited access to watch hot and provocative women and watching the most hot videos of the day at no cost.
  • We give you the chance to be an authentic Live idol. If needed, you may get help through Live Show Vip idols. The iWantu app is a community of civilized comfortable, and secure users that allow users to enjoy an enjoyable and secure experience.
  • We permit you to take part in exciting events. If you’re fortunate enough to get a prize, you may take advantage of the opportunity to redeem your prize for no cost. The app allows the easy and quick transfer of prize money into your bank account or to prepaid cards.


The above info gives a brief outline of iWantu application. You will see that iWantu is carefully designed and has been designed with a variety of appealing features. It is certainly worthy of its position in the top ten most popular Livestream entertainment apps available on the market. So, if you’d like to take advantage of the incredible capabilities of the app, immediately download it onto your device. Make sure you sign up to create an iWantu account in accordance with the rules.


What is IWantU?

It is basically a dating app for individuals.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, It is a fully safe and secure app. It will never harm your device at any case.

Can I communicate with other users?

Yes, you can communicate with other users of this application directly from the app.

Is it available for IOS or iPhone?

Yes, currently it is available for iOS devices only on Adulttiktok.org